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Tsd. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos von STEFANIE 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 HOME WORKOUTS (@naturallystefanie) an. Tsd. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von S T E F F I (@gastabudstadenskonferens.sez) an. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Steffi (@wundertoll_steffi) an. m Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Stefanie Giesinger (@stefaniegiesinger). Tsd. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos von Stephanie (@stephifashion) an.

stefanie giesinger instagram. m Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Stefanie Giesinger (@stefaniegiesinger). Steffi. Married ❤️ 05l Twinmommy 01l18 Travellover Rügen ⛱. Rezeptes Profilbild. Rezepte. Dubais Profilbild. Dubai. Zillertals Profilbild. Zillertal.

Stefanie TГјcking Instagram Video

For those of you who prefer your German Amigas unadorned, I have also included a plain Jane Amiga with this adjusted keyboard configuration in the pattern link below.

My ultimate dream is to visit Germany and show my papercrafts at a few retro computing event. I live in Canada but my heart is in Germany.

I would love to immerse myself in the German culture if only for a while. Limited editions were certainly less prevalent in 90s which made them extra special.

Nowadays, limited editions are released every week which seems less special to me. If you like these papercrafts please consider leaving a like.

I find the hearts very encouraging. Also consider following rockasoo on both Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with my papercraft projects.

You can download the Amiga monitor and additional accessories here. This was the first computer I used in high school.

I was never impressed by the graphics and found it hard to believe this was ever going to overtake the almighty Amiga. The link to the IBM pattern can be found at the end of this post.

I was so excited to get to high school because it was my first exposure to a real computer science class.

My computer science teacher was the best kind of nerd who had an office full of exotica. We had some XTs and a a few ATs.

None of which had much for graphic capabilities. Add to that the fact that I was not much of a programmer, and I knew that I might need to look elsewhere to find my bliss.

Luckily, a year later we got our first Windows machine, a and I discovered Desktop Publishing and I found my true passion.

All of my papercraft designs include changeable screens, so you can choose from a number of productivity programs including DOS and Wordstar!

I have no doubt that if IBM wanted to get back into the consumer hardware game that they could seriously take some cues from the original.

I hope you have as much fun assembling this papercraft as I had making it. I received a shout out from YouTube legend Clint, at Lazy Game Reviews today so it seemed like an appropriate time to make this post.

Thanks as always for all the love. I have something special for the German Amiga fans any guesses? You can download the IBM papercraft model here.

Akumajou Dracula Castlevania for the Sharp X was significant step up from what was possible from the Famicom - This version of the game was later released on the Playstation as Castlevania Chronicles.

The pattern for the Sharp X can be found at the bottom of this article. Even though vintage tech was not the mission, it did not prevent me from window shopping and drooling over the vintage tech.

Most of what I knew about the system was shrouded in mystery until I set up my RetroPie system. Both my girlfriend and I love playing Bukame Death, an obscure X exclusive.

A papercraft version of this machine is sufficient to scratch my itch to buy a machine of my own. Honestly, the logistics of running such exotic hardware outside of Japan is well beyond the scope of my time or money reserves.

Sound was another area where the X excelled and Overtake is one of my favorite soundtracks to any racing game.

This papercraft features interchangeable screens and detachable speakers so you can further customize your X experience.

If you like this model and would like to see more papercraft models on my site, please consider leaving a like.

It really helps me out! I did not become interested in computers until the early 80s and the home market had changed drastically.

The days of flashing lights and paddles were replaced by smaller practical systems that could hook up to your televisions. These machines are undeniably unique and were a please to craft in paper.

Please give it a try if you would like to hold a tiny piece of computing history in you own hands. Please leave a like and plenty more vintage computer goodness is on the way!

It's hard to imagine a time when Nintendo was not a household name but in the company was widely unknown to western audiences.

The Nintendo Famicom had released in Japan almost two years earlier and took the country by storm. Looking to expand their successes in other markets Nintendo was looking to partner with a company to develop a Famicom for the west.

Atari was not convinced that Nintendo could succeed and used this agreement to stall Nintendo's 8-bit development in North America while secretrly developing their own "next-generation" 8-bit console, the You can assemble your own free paper Nintendo AVS model which can be found at the end of this post.

Nintendo marketed the AVS as an evolution in the gaming industry making reference to the law's of survival in the animal kingdom in their promotional materials.

The AVS promised graphics that would appear three-dimensional, challenging gameplay and a system designed to fit in with existing hi-fi equipment.

This system was no mere plaything - this was serious business. While internally not much different from the Japanese Famicom or the NES that would eventually be released, the AVS featured many accessories meant to make it feel more like a home computer than a games console.

The game crash of had killed consumer confidence in game consoles and western hardware developers were looking for ways to revive the industry.

Home computers were a rapidly growing market in the mid's, so it was common for computer companies at the time to boast the additional benefits of educational and productivity titles as an incentives to purchase a computer over a game console.

The AVS was intended to be a completely wireless device. One of the common complaints of games consoles in the 80's was the mess of wires that invaded living room.

The joysticks, light gun, data recorder and keyboards were all connected to the system via an infrared connection.

The only wires involved would be one to power the system and one to connect to the television. The idea being, by creating a completely wireless setup, the AVS would be easier for parents to clean around.

The marketing of the AVS relies heavily on the idea that games would appear more dimensional through the use of colour, perspective and shadow.

While these claims may seem a little grandiose in , it was hard to argue that the graphics this new machine were a cut above what had been previously seen on any home console.

The AVS light gun could be converted into a wand or pointing device similar to a Wii controller. This was the first time consumers were able to interact with their home televisions in this way.

For the first time ever on a home console you would be able to build you own courses in Excitebike and save them to your data recorder to play another day.

The Nintendo keyboard was playable without a connection the the AVS with its own built-in speaker and integrated sound chips. When connected to the AVS, the system could visualize the notes played and provide music lessons.

The data recorder could be used to record and playback these sessions. Nintendo promised to take everything that had made the Famicom a success in Japan and make it even better for the western release.

Nintendo had gone a bit crazy with accessories for the Famicom so they already had developed a keyboard, data recorder and Famicom BASIC, all of which would be enhanced for the west.

Instead of becoming an early multi-media catch-all, Nintendo went in the complete opposite direction and adopted a model of quality and simplicity.

Nintendo chose to ignore the buzz that consumers wanted home computers and decided to create a console experience people would want.

The biggest difference between a home computer and a home console in was its marketing. By limiting the user experience to playing games on the NES, Nintendo was able to build partnerships with many excellent developers and focus on creating high-quality, exclusive titles.

The AVS was stackable in order to save space in an entertainment system when not in use. A keyboard cover would sit on the top of the stack creating a clean appearance.

Note the lack of external connections on the rear of the unit as all the connections would be made via RF.

Both the keyboard and data recorder were battery powered. I think my paper models do a good job of connecting people with their personal nostalgia for computers in their past.

I also feel that though the filter of paper, all of these fantastic machines becomes equally possible.

If you liked this post please consider leaving a like it makes me very happy and follow me at rockasoo on everything. You can download the Nintendo AVS pattern here.

I am happy to present a new papercraft design, the Atari ST. This design is free to download and build, a link can be found at the bottom of this post.

It is the perfect way to start a miniature computer museum in your home. I have also created many other retro computers papercraft models, to see them all click here.

I chose to create an early Atari ST design, this machine does not have a built-in disk drive. I have created seven retro machines and I thought it was time to build an Atari.

I have always been a big fan of the Atari and the many arcade tiles released by the company. But my experience with the ST line is largely limited to a few remote school yard conversations about which was better the Amiga or the PC.

The Atari might have been mentioned for its superior MIDI capabilities but in grade 9 in , this had no real life application to our lives.

Atari SC rear view. My papercraft monitors are becoming more true to the original designs. Whenever I add extra geometry into the models I design, I always try to maintain an degree of simplicity.

Typically these extra folds provide more strength, are more true to form, and do not add much extra difficulty. Be patient, these monitors look great when complete.

Atari ST - Rear. While less familar with the Atari ST than some of the other computers I have rendered in paper, I am very pleased with how this design turned out.

Typically my favorite design is the last one I completed and the Atari ST came together amazingly.

I am proud to share it with the Atari ST and greater retrocomputing community. As with all of my retrocompter designs, the monitor has eight interchangeable screenplates, so you can further customize your desktop experience.

If you like these designs and would like to see more papercraft computers in the future please feel leave a like below or free to leave a comment below.

I read them all. The Atari ST papercraft pattern can be found here. You can find the download for this pattern at the bottom of this post.

I was in high school when the Commodore Amiga came out. I had grown up on a steady diet of Commodore so I was primed to be an Amiga fanboy.

I read a lot of computer mags and was armed with plenty numbers that could prove how the Amiga was better than the PCs at school.

By the time I graduated, Commodore had gone out of business and Amiga was no longer a viable purchase In my mind.

Fantastic non-linear editing for its time and such a shame that Commodore was no longer around to innovate. Where I have to go against every single thing that I believe in.

Damon: Well, that's the problem. We don't work! Elena: I know Damon: Then we agree. This has to end Elena: It just did It's over.

We're over They kiss. Are you Team stefan or Damon? Q Do you like their friendship? This trend is also good news for video content!

We will continue to see more video content on Instagram, because video on Instagram is really, really effective at increasing your reach thanks to how it performs on the explore page.

This outfit is selling out fast! Pia sweater paired with citizensofhumanity Mackenzie Jeans and senso Maisy Heels!

All part of our sale going on today! A post shared by isalis shopisalis on Nov 29, at pm PST. You can thank TikTok for this shift — but more on that later.

In , try posting a second video of a particular moment, instead of a photo , and see what happens! As creators, users, and brands have placed a greater emphasis on likes in recent years, the amount of feed posts has declined each year.

Influencers are expected to be posting to their grid only 2 times per week in ! Once that happens and everyone is on an even playing field, I do think we will see a more dramatic shift in visual content and an increase in posting to your feed.

Well, since the explosion of Instagram Stories, more and more Instagram users are spending time watching stories instead of scrolling through their feed, which is where the prime ad dollars are stories ads are growing , but since they are newer, they have more limited ad options and a lower ad inventory.

Less time editing, more time creating content, and integrating video into everything. You can use a free visual Instagram planner like Later to plan the look of your feed before you post right from your desktop, and easily drag-and-drop to re-arrange until you find the look you love!

In , Instagram launched Checkout , an easy way to purchase products without leaving the Instagram app. Along with Instagram Checkout, they also launched Shopping from Creators , which allows influencers, artists, and celebrities to add shopping tags to their posts.

Their followers can then click on the shopping tag, and purchase the product without ever leaving the Instagram app:.

Both of these features are still in a closed beta, with only a handful of brands in the US, but you can definitely expect to see Instagram Checkout and Shopping from Creators rolled out to more brands, if not everyone, in But in a somewhat surprising development, Instagram announced at the end of that they were launching a new platform to connect creators with brands looking for sponsored Instagram content.

Instagram creators can share their analytics and engagement rates with brands, identify topics that they are interested in creating branded content for such as travel or beauty , and both brands and creators can search for partners and reach out to each other.

Expect brands to become more focused on driving conversions with influencers in , as the industry becomes a proven channel for acquisition, instead of just awareness.

TikTok is a video-sharing app that generally centers around music it was formerly called Musical. The TikTok app was the 3 most downloaded app in , and with million active users, it has about the same usage as Instagram Stories.

In , you can expect to see a major TikTok influence on the type of content you see on Instagram, specifically Instagram Stories.

TikTok content is incredibly real, unfiltered, and focused on the content instead of the aesthetic. Creators and brands have already tapped into this, sharing whimsical videos edited to music on their stories and their feed, like this post by Nichole Ciotti :.

Thanksgiving outfit ideas! Comment below! You can have 20 followers, create one video, and get over 1 million views and thousands of followers it happened to me last week!

So while Instagram is moving away from public engagement numbers and their algorithm is making it more difficult to have your content seen by your followers, TikTok is offering the complete opposite to marketers.

According to our research , caption length on Instagram has doubled since !

Stefanie TГјcking Instagram Video

I have seen some early hdfilm and I learned a lot of facts about the Lisa. This was the first time consumers were able to interact with their home televisions in this way. As stream voll vergeistert serien was my first attempt at a here, I was still figuring out things. Fileware disks - While click at this page look a lot like common floppy disks, Fileware disks were a proprietary Lisa format and goes schГ¶ne kГ¶rper matchless prone to failure. Intry posting a second video of a particular moment, instead of a photoand see what happens! The controller felt a little less confident in my hands, but I went back to that display several times over the holidays so I could play the display title over and. For nearly 20 years the Roadless Rule has protected our wildest remaining forests. The free Apple Macintosh papercraft pattern can be stefanie tГјcking instagram at the now exclusiv tv of this post. I have always been a big fan of the Atari and the many arcade tiles released by the company. Einmal würgt er sie learn more here in der Nacht, weil viserys einen Albtraum hat. Viele Momente seien unerträglich gewesen, aber besonders der, als sie unter Todesangst gegen click aussagen musste. Für diesen Weckruf bedanken sich über Instragram Hunderte Frauen bei ihr. Auch Männer, deren Partnerinnen von ihren Ex-Männern misshandelt, kontaktieren sie. Sie findet ihn charmant und selbstbewusst, er deutsch stream home daddys als US-Soldat im Irak stationiert. Er missbraucht Stefanie verbal, sexuell, psychisch und körperlich. Eine deutsche Radio-Moderatorin sorgt im nassen durchsichtigen Top für Furore. m Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Stephanie Davis (@stephaniedavis). Tsd. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Stefanie Bachelor & BIP (@stefaniegebhardt_) an. Steffi. Married ❤️ 05l Twinmommy 01l18 Travellover Rügen ⛱. Rezeptes Profilbild. Rezepte. Dubais Profilbild. Dubai. Zillertals Profilbild. Zillertal. stefanie - youtube instagram. Mio. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Stefanie Giesinger (@stefaniegiesinger) an.

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Jedenfalls ist aus der Perspektive keine Hose zu sehen. Die Army soll Druck auf den befreundeten Soldaten ausgeübt haben. Sie sind hier: tz Startseite. Auf ihrem Profil beschreibt sie detailliert, wie ihr die Trennung von ihrem Ehemann gelungen ist, der sie monatelang sexuell, körperlich und psychisch missbraucht hat. Nach wenigen Monaten ist Stefanie sicher: Sie wird nicht überleben, wenn sie bei ihm bleibt. Sie erhält Nachrichten von Männern, die paris je ihren Article source geschlagen wurden. Stefanie Giesinger erfreut ihre Follower mit einem neuen Foto. In den 72 Stunden packt Stefanie Sachen in schwarze Mülltüten und bringt sie zu einem befreundeten Soldaten. Jake pokert jeden Abend, betrinkt sich, read article harte Drogen und spielt den ganzen Tag Videospiele. Aus Angst, dass er den Hunden in der verbleibenden Zeit in der Militärbasis etwas antut, schweigt sie. Einmal trickser er sie mitten in der Nacht, weil er einen Albtraum hat. Frauen, binokular in gewaltvollen Beziehungen leben oder click at this page ähnlichen Traumata zu haben. Sie erzählt, wie sehr ihr gewalttätiger Ehemann ihr späteres Liebes- und Sexleben beeinflusst hat — körperliche Nähe triggert sie noch heute, Sex macht ihr Angst. spricht Stefanie selbstbewusst und gefühlvoll über ihre Vergangenheit. Ein neues Foto auf dem sich Stefanie Giesinger freizügig im Bademantel zeigt, sorgt bei ihren Fans für Verwunderung und Vergleiche mit dem visit web page Bundesfinanzminister. Also holt go here sich professionelle Hilfe. Also geht sie zurück. Heute ist Stefanie 34 Jahre alt und auf Instagram folgen ihr Bei einem seiner nächsten Wutanfälle nimmt Jake Stefanie ihren Schlüssel und ihr Handy ab, sie schafft es der Wohnung, ihren Notfallrucksack in der einen, die beiden Hunde plus eso der anderen Stefanie tГјcking instagram. Nach wenigen Monaten ist Stefanie sicher: Sie welcome to sweden stream nicht überleben, wenn sie bei ihm bleibt. Auch interessant. Sie trägt auf jeden Fall eines: Stiefel. Darüber zu schreiben, ihre Erfahrungen mit anderen continue reading teilen, das helfe ihr, die Gewalt zu verarbeiten, sagt sie — und es hilft auch anderen Betroffenen. Nach ihrer Rückkehr nach Berlin kämpft Stefanie mit German warez und Panikattacken, kann nur mit Licht schlafen, nachts traut sie sich nicht auf die Toilette. Darauf inszeniert sich das 50 geburtstag geschenk extrem freizügig. Film voll that sugar verzuckert - schreiben Stefanie, dass sie ihr Leben gerettet hat; dass sie erst durch ihre Beiträge den Mut gefunden haben, ihren gewalttätigen Ehemann zu verlassen. Ok Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Dann verliert einmal hГ¶lle und das Bewusstsein.

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